Tips living sustainably

How can we live sustainably? Living sustainably is not difficult, just a small change of lifestyle. The world is changing. Climate change is happening. We should therefor take responsibility and live sustainably. Why? To reduce our ecological footprint and secure a healthy earth for future generations.

I will give you some easy tips. Not the usual sustainability tips, as we are all familiar with those (fly less, recycle, green energy). There are many more, easy ways to live sustainably.


Support the bee

Bees are essential to our food supply. By helping to pollinate crops and fruit trees, they ensure the creation of an enormous amount of fruit and vegetables. However, bees are threatened by climate change, intensive agriculture, urbanization and nature management.

By supporting the bee, you support life and our way of living. How? By allowing nature to grow freely and have many flowers and plants in your garden and on your balcony.

Eat consciously

You are what you eat. Consume healthy, tasty and sustainable food. Focus on fruit and vegetables and choose local and seasonal products, as little meat as possible and responsibly caught or farmed fish.

Try to prefer organic over non-organic as much as possible. Choose real food, instead of processed of prepared food.

sustainable living

Take care of your stuff

Together we want to create a system in which raw materials are used sustainably. Use the things you have as economical as possible. This will illuminate the need to buy new things. Always prefer to not be part of the consumption economy.

Try to reuse, repair, recycle and buy second hand, refurbished or repaired products. Give things a new life. The last option should be to throw away things.

Also in terms of food consumption: we tend to throw away a lot. When you think about it, it’s quite unnecessary. It is really easy to recycle and reuse things in your own home. Or buy less.

You have things you don’t want anymore? Try to sell them on second hand websites or just give them away to others, like friends or people with less financial resources. This way you allow your things to have a second life, while others save money on buying new things.

Save energy

By living sustainably, it is easier to save energy. Prefer wearing a warm sweater instead of turning on the heat. Shower shortly, and use a water-saving shower head. Energy is valuable, so don’t overuse energy.

This also includes to insulate your home and changing old appliances for energy-friendly new appliances.

man petting brown dog

Use green energy

We have a choice. Always choose green energy. This is energy from windmills, solar panels or hydroelectricity

How green is your energy at home? Change your energy contract right now! Choose the most greenest energy. That is wind energy and solar energy.

Gas is not green at all. Gas is used for heating and cooking, but the gas reserves are ending while the pollution of burning gas is bad for the environment. Try to limit the use of gas as much as possible.

Travel smart

That is: by bike or food. If you go further, prefer public transport, bus and train over the car or airplane.

Prefer discovering the beautiful sceneries close to home, instead of traveling the world. Adventures are waiting for you nearby.

Tip: Explore sustainable travel destinations.

green plant

Green business

We all work. How green is your employee or your business? Changes are quite easy and again a choice.

What are the most sustainable companies worldwide?

Buy sustainably

As a consumer, you also have a choice. Prefer green, local, fair and organic products. Believe me: these are the very best anyway. They might be a bit more expensive, but are worth every penny. Sustainable products are more delicious and fair. You’ll enjoy it better.

Tip: Shop and plant trees! With the Chrome extension TreeClicks, trees are planted with every purchase you make. This is how easy living sustainably can be.

Support living sustainably

Many organizations are committed to making this world more sustainable. Both locally are international organizations. Support these organizations! They need your support, money and attention to share their/your believes and make the world a better place for us and future generations.

For example Greenpeace, WWF and your local organic farmer.

Talk to others

We don’t have to be preachers for sustainability, but you can testify in your own social surroundings. You don’t have to hide it, but rather share with others how easy living sustainably can be.