Sustainability Apps – for a sustainable lifestyle (nr.2 is my favorite)

Sustainability apps for a sustainable lifestyle can support your good intentions to live more sustainably. And why not? Apps help us to keep our agenda and stay in touch with the world. Apps are a great way to help us organize our life and habits. And Apps are perfectly capable to be our assistant to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.  

In the same way, sustainability Apps are very helpful. Thankfully there are many sustainable apps. They help us to achieve our goals, save energy of use resources more efficiently.

You focus on life and let Apps monitor sustainability.

Below you’ll discover some of my favorite sustainability Apps.


Oroeco – Calculate your carbon footprint

Oroeco calculates your daily carbon footprint.

How? By keeping your electricity consumption, food consumption, transport, leisure activities, etc. This sustainability App helps you to fight climate change, and especially your personal contribution to climate change.

The App also gives you tips to adapt your lifestyle in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

Download Oroeco for iOS and Android here >>>

Treeclicks app

TreeClicks (my favorite) – Plant trees while shopping

TreeClicks is a free browser extension that plants trees when you shop online.

How does TreeClicks work? When you shop at one of the 50.000+ online stores, this organization receives a fee for bringing you in as a customer. They use these fees to plant trees. Easy peasy.

You can contribute too!

Download this extension immediately here and start planting trees >>>

iHuerting – Build an urban garden

iHuerting is a great sustainability App that helps you to build your own urban garden.

The App helps you step-by-step, starting from scratch. It’s urban, so you don’t need a lot of space. iHuerting gives you all the information you need, so you don’t need to have extensive knowledge about gardening either. And even better: The App sends you notifications reminding you when to harvest, water, fertilize or whatever. All organically.

JoinIn – Show solidarity with the community

JoinIn is an App that is all about think globally, act locally.

Improve the world by starting in your own environment. The App puts you in contact with different individuals in your area. Everyone’s skills are used to help their immediate surroundings, like neighbours, organizations, the community, etc.

Explore JoinIn here >>>

Bikemap app

Bikemap – Find the best cycling route

Bikemap is an App that offers more than three million km of cycling routes, in more than 100 countries.

Of course cycling is very environmental friendly and a great way to exercise and explore another area. The App additionally offers information about the route itself, like slope and elevation data.

Fancy a bike ride? Download Bikemap here >>>

The Refresh Project app

Refresh Go Green – A green lifestyle

This Apps literally supports you in small and easy steps to make your everyday life more sustainable.

Refresh Go Green App gives you handy information about making your house more sustainable, daily green habits and sustainable food consumption. The Apps gives you tips that make your life more sustainable.

Curious? Download The Refresh Project here >>>

Love Food Hate Waste – No food waste at home

How much food do you throw away in the bin? At home, you can reduce food waste.

How? Limiting food waste can be difficult, especially when starting a sustainable lifestyle. The great thing about this App is that it totally understands this. The App offers recipes with the food you have at home, and/or a shopping list for the additional ingredients you need. This way, Love Food Hate Waste totally supports you to limit the amount of food you need to throw away.

But this App also gives a lot of useful information on storing food. Everything to limit waste.

Discover it yourself. Download Love Food Hate Waste here >>>

Sustainability aware app

Sustainability Aware – Educate your children about sustainability

Sustainability Aware is a great sustainability App for children.

The App has a variety of fun educational games en information for children between 8 and 12, to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

It’s important to teach our children the positive sides of a sustainable lifestyle. This App supports you in teaching your children to care about nature, animals and the consequences of their actions on nature, but in a fun and friendly way.

Older children can learn more about advanced issues, like recycling, climate change, renewable energy and sustainable transportation.

Check it out and download Sustainability Aware App here >>>

JouleBug – Share your tips with others

Where to start?

JouleBug is a great sustainability App to start a sustainable lifestyle. Read tips to make your life more sustainable. Or share your experiences and thoughts with others through statistics, tips and video’s.

Learn from others, download JouleBug here >>>